Margaret Putnam

Catalogue Raisonné for the complete works of Margaret Putnam (American 1913-1989)

Thank you for visiting the Virtual Catalogue Raisonné for the complete works Margaret Putnam (American 1913-1989). With the assistance of Margaret Putnam's daughters and family members, we are honored with the task of creating and publishing a Margaret Putnam Virtual Catalogue Raisonné.

The Catalogue Raisonné is a comprehensive, annotated listing of all the known works by Margaret Putnam in every medium (oil, batik, watercolor, etc.). Works which meet the Margaret Putnam Catalogue Raisonné Committee's criteria will be included and described in such a way that they will be searchable and reliably identified by third parties. Works that do not meet the criteria will be stored for future reference but not included in the Putnam Catalogue Raisonné.

After 45 years of research, scholarship, and dealing with the works of important American artists, along with our interest in Texas Modernist Margaret Putnam; witnessing the confusion over authenticity. I decided that, rather than publishing a multi-volume catalogue, we would address the authenticity issues surrounding works by Margaret Putnam, by creating a Virtual Catalogue Raisonné for the artist's body of work.

The Virtual Catalogue Raisonné enables museums, auction houses, collectors, and owners of works by Margaret Putnam to submit their painting(s) to be included in the Putnam Catalogue Raisonné, which is searchable by Title (description), Provenance, Medium, Subject, Size, Inventory Number, Auction House, letter of Authenticity (Dorothy Darrah, Karen Kinnison) and Date of Work.

To maintain the virtual Catalogue Raisonné, there is a nominal fee to submit an individual painting for an opinion, or $350.00 to be included. Shipping artwork to and from Dallas will be the responsibility of the owner.

Brian Roughton President Catalogue Raisonné Margaret Putnam Committee